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Who Are We

Sense Holdings is a Hong-Kong based Brand Marketing Company, a well-structured corporate engaged into producing specialized watch Brands.

Sense Holdings team consists of innovative and expertise driven individuals who have rich hands-on experience in developing and managing brands. Since its inception, Sense Holdings has been the skilled pioneer and well-known for introducing unique watch brands into various categories in the industry. Hence, Sense Holdings’ image and reputation has evolved as “A company - Driven by Talent”.

What We Do

We produce quartz technology watch brands that fulfill different target groups’ needs. Our brands are unique, creative and dynamic in terms of designs and culture. We utilize different communication strategies rather than advertising, in order to develop and promote our brands.

We create business opportunities for our customers as well as for the brands we sell.

Our Mission

“We strive to create innovative brands and penetrate into a new era in the industry” – We develop concepts and brands that fulfills both needs of consumers.

How We Do It

Building dynamic brands is very much a creative process – a process that we are passionate about. We indulge ourselves to understand the common element of the watch industry and brand perception.

1.Research & Development– This involves carrying out market research studies, capturing consumer behaviors and requirements, and recognizing current trends into the market. The study culminates with a clear idea of the opportunities and the unmet needs into the market in order to develop a new category to satisfy the identified gap. Accordingly, developing designs and models that fulfill the identified market needs and create an initial communication for brand perception.

2.Product Profiling – We categorize products on multiple segments and develop culture, and then we put together the strategic business objectives to complete the product profiling.

3.Product Testing – We test the compilation of innovative models and creative designs prior to settling on the brand communication and other strategies, to determine whether they meet the needs of the market and trend, or they require refinement to make it effective.

4.Refinement & Enhancement – Once the communication is clear and refined, we then enhance our strategic moves to safeguard the brand proposition and insure the brand meets its forecasts.

5.Brand Launch – Launch the brand into the market and follow its penetration.

How We Started

Established by a team of professionals, who have worthy experience and commendable passion for Watches and their Corporate Branding, the success stems largely from the ability to make it possible as the background and the resource allocation can transform their passion to actuate.

The watch industry has shown magnificent growth in the recent years for the quartz technology and expected even better prospects in the coming years. The company has produced watches for multiple segments and has a strong distributor base, serving several leading watch brands that brought a paradigm shift in the Asian watch market by offering quartz technology with international styling.

Our Values

SENSE endorses the importance of Employees Rights

HIERARCHICAL GROWTH – We truly believe the term “Limitless Growth”, Let the performer be appreciated and rewarded. That’s the standard we always incline to retain.

RESPECTING COMMUNITY & its VALUES – We as a culture, strive to act at all times in a professional and ethical manner to respect the community and its values.

Our People

A seamless illustration for “unity in diversity” – The Power of ONE, our people from different cultures performing towards single-lined objectives and one mission, utilizing their skill, experience, expertise, talent and passion to achieve one goal.

Our Future

With our passion and dedication, SENSE is committed to create brands that will expand across the middle-east, far-east, Europe & Africa and South East Asian regions through distributors.